Solutions and winners for Holly Bough crossword and Diffney Quiz 2020

Holly Bough Crossword

THE winner of the €250 prize for the 2019 Holly Bough crossword was Claire Lynch.

Solutions below
1. Coachford 6. Stealth 10. Fox 12. Ego 13. Roald Dahl 14. Ice 15. Era 16. Point of sale 17. Simmered 20. Evil 21. Cargo 22. Off 24. Minute steak 29. Piano 31. Prompt 32. Spending 33. Veldt 34. Ended 36. Calm down 38. Gemini 39. Easel 42. Merry Christmas 46. Mallow 47. Tea 48. Istle 49. Tutu 50. Taxpayer 54. Cash payment 57. Ali 58. Act 59. Goose 62. Red deer
Down: 1. Christmas present 2. Alarming 3. Hedge 4. Olive oil 5. Deep 6. Social distancing 7. Exit 8. Loafers 9. Hula hoop 10. Free-for-all 11. X-ray 18. Roe 19. Debt 21. Cow 23. Frontline workers 25. Tripod 27. ESP 28. Kingdom 30. Anon 32. Star 33. Vienna 37. War 40. Leinster 41. Lee 43. Rout 44. Playroom 45. Stipend 46. Mix 49. Tremor 51. After 52. Pages 55. Yule log 56. Talc

Diffney Quiz

THE winner of the 2020 Holly Bough Diffney Quiz €500 prize was Pat O’Keeffe, from Portlaoise, Co Laois.

Solutions below
1. 100 Cent in a Euro
2. Take Down a Peg or 2
3. Neptune Basketball Club, Founded 1947
4. Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)
5. 7 Points for a Black Ball in Snooker
6. Halleys Comet Appears Every 76 Years
7. 01/05 May Day
8. 15 Men on a Dead Man’s Chest
9. 1234567 by the Frank and Walters
10. an Gorta Mór 1845-1849
11. 4 in a Bed
12. the Earth, 3rd Planet from the Sun
13. Henry the 4th, Part 2 by William Shakespeare
14. 6 Balls in an Over
15. the River Feale is 75 Kilometres Long
16. Usain Bolt, Olympic 100 Metres Champion
17. 4 Green Fields
18. Bus Route 220x, Ovens to Crosshaven
19. Le Mans ‘66
20. 50 States in the United States of America
21. 5 o’Clock Shadow
22. the Titanic Left Cobh on 11/04/1912
23. September 1913 by William Butler Yeats
24. L = 50 in Roman Numerais
25. 12 Counties in Leinster
26. Michael D Higgins, an 9ú Uachtarán na hÉireann
27. 2 Left Feet

28. Sam Bennett Won 2 Stages in the Tour de France
29. 8 out of 10 Cats
30. the Clubhouse is the 19th Hole of Golf
31. the 1 Eyed Reilly
32. 2 Bottles of Wine in a Magnum
33. Just Molly and Me and Baby Makes 3
34. the 1 and Only Ivan
35. Cork 20 Rally
36. 8 Planets in the Solar System
37. 2020 Chinese Year of the Rat
38. Tom Kiernan, Won 54 Caps for Ireland
39. 16/08/1977 Elvis Presley Died
40. 64,000 Dollar Question
41. Ulysses by James Joyce, 1st Published in 1922
42. Pieces of 8
43. Conn 100 Cathach
44. 2, 4, 6, 8 Who Do We Appreciate
45. a 2 Edged Sword
46. 1944-1945 the Battle of the Bulge
47. 14 Lines in a Sonnet
48. the River Corrib is 6 Kilometres Long
49. 123 Years of the Holly Bough
50. 4 Members of a Quartet
51. 5001 Kilometres between Cork and New York
52. behind the 8 Ball
53. Gael-Taca, 22 Port Uí Shúilleabháin, Corcaigh
54. Alexander the Great, Died 323 B.C
55. 7 Players on a Netball Team
56. You Only Get 1 Roll of the Dice
57. 20/06/1631 the Sack of Baltimore
58. We 3 Kings of Orient Are
59. 50 is 1/2 a Century
60. There’s only 1 Street in Dromcollogher by Percy French

The 2020 Holly Bough is out now!

It’s been a year like no other, but, like an old and trusted friend, the Holly Bough will always be there for you, through good times and bad. We have another jam-packed edition lined up for your festive reading this year — full of brilliant and fascinating stories and photographs depicting Cork in times past, many with a festive flavour: prepare to be gripped, moved, surprised, and entertained!


Of course, we have all the favourites you have come to love — the Diffney Quiz, the food and drink section, the Photo Gallery, the prize crossword, and so much more besides!
Among the contributors in this, the 123rd year of the Holly Bough, are author Kevin Barry, broadcasters John Creedon and George Hook, journalist Eoghan Harris, and politicians Maírín Quill and Micheál Martin – who took time out of his hectic schedule as Taoiseach to write a personal message for readers. Find out about the Cork cop in Chicago who saved Al Capone’s life – and the mobster repaid the favour.  And did you know there were no less than 100 air raid shelters in Cork city during World, War II?


This year, we also commemorate the centenary events of 1920 and 1921 in Cork, and there is a special five-page tribute to Christy Ring, born 100 years ago during another era of turbulence. Now, like then, Cork and Irish people will persevere and prevail.


Happy reading, and all the best for 2021.

Readers worldwide


Years a Cork tradition


Pages bursting with great stories and photos


Christmas publication in Cork


About the Holly Bough

The Holly Bough has been an annual tradition in Cork since 1897.
In that time, it has become a staple of the Christmas season in city and county, and among the diaspora around the world.
It has appeared in all 122 years since it began, apart from a few years during the world wars, and in 1948, when there was a paper shortage. The oldest copy in Cork City Library is from 1924.
The Holly Bough contains a plethora of historical stories and photographs about Cork and its people, as well as festive articles, a food & drink section, a junior section including puzzles, fictional short stories and poems by local people, and a sports section.

The magazine is now larger than it has ever been in its history – 164 pages.
Editors down the years have included Stephen Coughlan and Walter McGrath, and the current editor, John Dolan, has been at the helm since 2002.
He attributes its continued success to hard work by generations of people, from writers to in-house journalists, editors and photographers, from printers to distributors, advertisers to contributors. The latter are the backbone of the Holly Bough. “The Holly Bough is written by Cork people, for Cork people” he says.

Holly Bough editor is Cork Person of the Month

JOHN DOLAN, the editor of the annual Holly Bough newspaper, has been named January Cork Person of the Month.
The Holly Bough, published by the Evening Echo, a famous Cork tradition since 1897, tells the stories that delve into the memory banks of all Corkonians and is as much a part of Christmas as Santa and Christmas turkey.
John Dolan, assistant editor and features editor of the Evening Echo, said it was a great honour to take over as Editor of the Holly Bough back in 2002. The Holly Bough, even though it has input from professional writers and historians, contains, in essence, stories that are written by ordinary Cork people who have extraordinary stories to tell, it is written by the people for the people. said John at the award presentation.
Circulation of the Holly Bough has bucked all trends in print journalism by tripling its circulation and expanding its size from 60 pages to a 164-page full-colour publication. It is indeed a 122 year Cork institution that is part of all our lives in Cork and even follows us abroad when necessary, said awards founder and organiser Manus ‘Callaghan.

There is a great tradition of sending the Holly Bough abroad to the Cork diaspora, and locals also bring it abroad on summer holidays for a selfie and then get their holiday snaps published in the Holly Bough at Christmas.
John Dolan, born in Cheshire, now lives in Carrigadrohid near Macroom. He spent many years in print journalism in England, working on such newspapers as the Lancashire Evening Post and the London Metro. He moved to Cork in 2001, and with the backing of Evening Echo chief executive Dan Linehan and Echo editor Maurice Gubbins was appointed the editor of the Holly Bough a year later.
His name now goes forward, with the other Persons of the Month chosen this year, for possible selection as Cork Person of the Year at a gala awards lunch in January 2020.


Holly Bough Gallery

Every year, we publish photos of Holly Bough readers posing with the publication all around the world. Here are some of our editor’s favourites down the years. Email your photo to [email protected] or follow the steps below where it says Submit story or photo’.



Minister receives
Holly Bough

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone, has been presented with the 2018 Holly Bough by Ireland’s Counsel General to New York and native of Bishopstown, Ciará¡n Madden.

Minister Zappone was in the city in December for meetings with the Irish community. She said: “I know the reach of the Holly Bough is far and wide, connecting many who cannot make it home to loved ones in Cork during this special time of year. I congratulate all behind it and wish it every success for many years to come. Being part of this festive Cork tradition is a privilege.”


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